Ways To Help

Like all rescues, PapAdopters counts on fundraising and donations in order to help the dogs in our care. We take in many dogs who need care above and beyond the standard spay, neuter, and vaccinations. Do you know these little dogs are prone to dental disease and a dental can cost between $300 and $500 per dog? We’ve also had our fair share of little ones with bladder stones. The surgical costs can range between $900 – $1,200.

We offer some ways to help with our ongoing fundraising efforts. It allows us to raise the necessary funds and you get something in return. There is always the ever-present PayPal button on many of the pages of our site. From time to time, we’ll announce a fundraiser for a specific time period.

We hope you’ll be able to help us help the dogs in our care and thank you for doing so.

There are other ways to help support us. Take a look at our fundraising page for more ways to help support PapAdopters.